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"LA VIE EN ROSE" Five-year diary series

The PAPERMOOD La Vie En Rose Five-Year Diary Series is divided into two versions: beige and dark blue covers, with the same format and paper quality inside. Through the overlay of three gilding colors, roses bloom on the cloth.

It is bound in a classic hardcover book and comes with a beautiful storage box made of the same material for long-lasting use and preservation. The interior paper is selected from Italian Fabiano 70g beige acid-free paper, which is more suitable for long-term storage so that your memories will not fade.

The same day of different years recorded on the same page, the year number is self-filling, you can start a five-year journey at any time.

Memories of what you did and thought today in previous years, so that the diary is no longer dusty, but always new.

You don't have to record every day, just choose a topic and record it as you like.

It is said that love is the eternal rose in time. Not only love yourself and your family, but also the love of things and life can be recorded here as material.


Introduction to 70g acid-free writing paper made in Italy. 

All our papers have a name, a history, an identity. But what they become tomorrow is up to you.
As one of Europe's oldest paper mills, FABRIANO was born in 1264 in Italy, the heart of the Renaissance, and has been in business for more than 750 years. The paper is a very good example. FABRIANO's fine art paper was highly praised by Michelangelo. In addition, over the course of its 750-year history, FABRIANO paper has been used extensively in the fields of art, literature, publishing, music and history, and has been used by many artists such as Raphael, Antonio Canova, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Beethoven, Gabriele D'Annunzio, Federico Fellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Karl Lagerfeld and many others in various fields. Lagerfeld and many other celebrities in various fields.
The Fabiano 70g beige writing paper used in PAPERMOOD has the characteristic of being suitable for long-term preservation and suitable for a variety of writing instruments, with good resistance to ink blotting and smooth writing.

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