Summer is here! New products are now available!


[Go Summer]

"Even a big, strong bear can have a heart for surfing!”

[Ivy Style]

"In Ivy League style, the number embroidered on a sweatshirt usually represents the year in which the student graduated."

This is the third year that PAPERMOOD has launched its College collection, and since 2020 we have been preparing eye-catching and bright styles for the start of each year.

Whether it's school, work or life, we want to make this a beautiful way to remember you as you embark on a new journey in 2023.

[Mimosa Waltz]

Listen to the round dance played by the acacia. We love these sprites, picking up clusters of yellow flowers and embroidering them on navy blue fabric.The delicate flat embroidery depicting the branches and leaves and the soft three-dimensional toothbrush embroidery bring the flowers to life.Come and spin with us in this round dance of acacia!

Designer's words:

Toothbrush embroidery is a common embroidery process in which a certain height of material (e.g. EVA) is added to the fabric and after the embroidery is completed, the threads are repaired with a tool and the material is removed to create a toothbrush-like embroidery.The combination of surface, thread and point creates a three-dimensional shape with different lengths of cut threads, different colour combinations of threads. The combination of all three creates a three-dimensional shape with different lengths of threads, straight as silk, and a clear pattern.

[See  Sea]

The 2023 Marine Embroidery Pencil Bag is an impression of summer drawn in light blue. The designer draws the changing lines with a pen and completes the underwater adventure with an embroidered outline.On a hot day, let's let our minds wander and join Nemo and his little friends in the blue sea!

Designer's words:

PAPERMOOD STUDIO has thought carefully about new colourways and processes each time we reinterpret a reproduction of a painting, and for the 2020 ocean book cover we have used a screen-printing technique to print blue ink dots on the backing fabric, as if it were an ink painting. The new ocean embroidery thread colour is more gentle and elegant, yet still durable. And with the addition of the popular orb zip head, it is a more romantic accent to life.

A walk through the woods at harvest time is a lovely way to see the tiny acorns that decorate the autumn landscape. Hold your breath and listen to the cutting whispers of the squirrels as they return to the woods with their loads.

The ginkgoes spilling all over the ground tremble in the wind, and the poet exclaims: "When autumn comes and the butterflies have died, your turquoise leaves will be flushed with gold, and they will again fly out of the garden full of butterflies.

The red maples fluttering across the hills are a bright splash of colour on the late autumn canvas. Pick up a few maple leaves and present them in layers of stamping on the canvas to stop autumn in its tracks.

We have collected three plants that represent autumn and hand-stamped them in three colour overlays to frame the beauty from nature. The interior is free, with no restrictions on dates or uses, collecting the sparkling things in life and the joy of receiving them as you flip through.

Paper introduction:

“All our papers have a name. A history. An identity. But what they become tomorrow is up to you.”

The oldest paper mill in Europe, FABRIANO was born in 1264 in Italy, the heart of the Renaissance, and has been in existence for over 750 years.FABRIANO's master papermakers have pioneered many of the processes commonly used in paper production today, including watermarking and paper surface sizing.

It invented the anti-counterfeit watermark which is widely used on banknote paper and is the only paper mill in Italy authorised to produce paper in euros.