Mimosa Waltz

Listen to the spring dance played by the acacia. We love these spring spirits, picking up clusters of yellow flowers and embroidering them on the pen bag.
The zipper is a favorite point
The yellow and blue color matching is also suitable for today's blue sky.

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White Lotus (Flower)

The elegant silver lotus flower blooms in spring and summer, and also blooms in the poets' chants, and uses it to send eternity and passion, love and hope.
On the lightweight linen, silver lotus flowers bloom in a staggered pattern, giving a full and slender texture through the foaming process. The heart of the flower is embellished with a light green color, echoing the microfiber leather inside, a cool touch of summer.
A silver lotus shaking in the wind is screen-printed on the leather of the book jacket's interior, a little surprise when you turn the pages. The matcha green bookmark cord is light and airy.

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Lemonade Head

In 2024, PAPERMOOD and Spanish illustrator Maria Ramos launched a joint collaboration weekly planner, Lemonheads.
With smooth and simple lines and bright colors, the three chubby lemon figures jump off the page, with different expressions giving each lemon head a different personality, and the expression of being soured also makes people smile.
The ring lined pages are printed with four fruits: strawberry, blueberry, orange and lemon, to start a day full of vitamin C~!
Maria Ramos is an illustrator from Madrid, Spain, specializing in cute comics and children's illustrations. Her works are lovely and simple, with simple geometric shapes and pure color blocks, bringing us into the world of children's interest. Bread, lemons, puppies, etc. are all brought to life in her unique depictions, which will appeal to both children and adults. Her works are published by Fuloencio Pimentel Mamut Comic and Biscoto, and have been translated into Italian, Chinese and French.

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