Monsoon Season New Products Arrival!

by PAPERMOODstudio

Full list Of New Handbook Book Cover For 2024

【Anemone】Book Cover

The elegant silver lotus flower blooms in spring and summer, and also blooms in the poets' chants, and uses it to send eternity and passion, love and hope.
On the lightweight linen, silver lotus flowers bloom in a staggered pattern, giving a full and slender texture through the foaming process. The heart of the flower is embellished with a light green color, echoing the microfiber leather inside, a cool touch of summer.
A silver lotus shaking in the wind is screen-printed on the leather of the book jacket's interior, a little surprise when you turn the pages. The matcha green bookmark cord is light and airy.

【Michelle】Book Cover

The cover is made of LIBERTY's representative floral fabric pattern, with pink, purple and blue aster flowers clustered together like a bright and colorful painting, while the dotted green leaves soften the whole color scheme, giving people a sense of comfort and serenity. The back pocket and lining are made of purple microfiber leather, adding to the calm atmosphere.

Paloma】Book Cover

In Western stories, the dove holds an olive branch in its mouth, conveying the hope that the flood has receded and that new life is possible. The dove has traditionally been a symbol of peace in art and literature. We drew inspiration from Spanish modernist painter Pablo Picasso's masterpieces "Doves of Peace with Olive Branches" and "Guernica" to create this book cover.

【Dream catcher】Book Cover

Pippi the Bear has a dream - one day to sweat it out on the basketball court like his idol.
On the dark blue Oxford cloth background, Pippi Bear puts on his idol's jersey and picks up his beloved basketball ready to start a hot game. Towel embroidery process to restore the texture of the bear's fluffy body, the No. 24 jersey is both a tribute, but also the expectation of the next year~.
The interior of the jersey is made of microfiber leather and the colors echo those of the basketball, hoping to accompany you every day on the road to chasing your dreams.

【Take it easy】Book Cover

Enjoy life's moments of leisure and be ready to go when Pippi and Moody stop by.
Pippi the Bear and Moody the Bird are printed on a curry-pink striped fabric using foam technology for a three-dimensional effect. The soft color palette creates a warm, daily atmosphere.
Choose brick red microfiber leather for the inside, bright and robust with a hint of liveliness. The bookmark rope's small round sugar snap pea color jumping design exudes a vintage American charm.

Full list ONew Handbook Weekly Planner For 2024

【Anemone】Weekly Planner

The graceful silver lotus blooms in spring and summer, as well as in poets' chants, and uses it as a symbol of eternity and passion, love and hope.
The silver lotus blossoms are staggered on lightweight linen. Matte green and matte white accurately overstamp the slender body of the flower, and a touch of gold accents the stamen, making it compassionate and a refreshing touch of summer.
2024 Silver Lotus weekly planner with Italian acid-free writing paper, suitable for a variety of writing instruments at the same time, your memories will be properly collected without fading. May the silver lotus be with you in all seasons, and make every day full of nature and beauty.

【Lemonade Head】Weekly Planner

In 2024, PAPERMOOD and Spanish illustrator Maria Ramos launched a joint collaboration weekly planner, Lemonheads.
With smooth and simple lines and bright colors, the three chubby lemon figures jump off the page, with different expressions giving each lemon head a different personality, and the expression of being soured also makes people smile.
The ring lined pages are printed with four fruits: strawberry, blueberry, orange and lemon, to start a day full of vitamin C~!

【White Turban】Weekly Planner

This year we chose a classical botanical illustration for the cover of our weekly planner for 2024. Delicate lines are outlined and layers of oil paint build up to create the slightly reflective white color of the petals. The peonies stand out in the image, a classic presentation of traditional botanical painting. The dark green plain bookmark string adds a vintage touch. This work was created by German female painter and botanical illustrator Arentina Hendrica Arendsen.

【Amour】Weekly Planner

The cover is selected from a woodblock print by French painter Maurice Denis.
In the picture, a woman stands in front of a white rose bush, seeming to pick it gently. White roses and birds, blue sky, soft and harmonious colors, so that the picture shows a rare solemn and surprising luster.
Monis Denis (1870-1943) was born in Grenville, France. He paid great attention to the emotional power of color, and embraced the styles and elements of Japanese ukiyo-e and the Viennese Secession, which made his fantastical colors, rigorous compositions, and decorative styles combine appropriately.

【La vie en rose】Weekly Planner

Some people compare love to a rose blooming eternally in the river of time.
Similarly, the PAPERMOOD 2024 Rose of Life Weekly Planner demonstrates such a charm. This planner adopts the gold-stamping process and color overlay, making each rose blossom on the fabric, just like a rose garden overflowing with fragrance in the quiet of the night.
The graphic design is full of European-style intricate decorative beauty, and the blue and green color scheme is classic and timeless. The light green satin bookmark rope adds a touch of color to the whole.