The bellflower that summons happiness

by PAPERMOODstudio

The bell orchids open in May with the spring breeze, and the language of the flowers is health, gentleness and loveliness.

One afternoon, the warm sunlight sprinkled on the clean white T-shirt, the lily of the valley on the chest and the lily of the valley notebook in the hand reflected each other. The lily of the valley on the notebook symbolizes purity and cleanliness, which feels as comfortable and cozy as the peaceful atmosphere emanating from the afternoon.

The cute little bell summons the return of happiness, and the delicate design adds a unique touch to this notebook.

The designer redrew it with abstract brush strokes, forming the branches with slender embroidery, using toothbrush embroidery to create dimensionality and construct the main body.

PAPERMOOD 2023 bell orchid book jacket is covered with MOON UK selected wool tweed fabric to bring you longer companionship.

It is so blank and quiet that only the heart can feel it. The aura of the lily of the valley is as pure and transparent as the conviction of a woman's firm and tender love in the wind, which can only be tasted by gazing at it. The lily of the valley symbolizes the arrival of your friends, the coming of spring, good luck, and happiness that will stay with you all year long.

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