Journal Planner notebook full of design

by PAPERMOODstudio

《Skateboard Bear City Boy》

When the weather is nice, it's time to get out and about with your friends. Peeps and Moody Birds put on their skateboards with their little bags and set off on a journey.

The light khaki striped fabric is hardwearing and the two pals use foam printing techniques to give a three-dimensional effect.

The softly coloured fabric base creates an everyday atmosphere and the dark brown leather lining is a tried and tested classic combination.

Just like a warm latte on a winter's day, this is a warm companion for you ~

《SEE SEA Adventure》

What does the everyday life of a marine animal look like beneath the silent surface of the sea?

The designer draws the changing lines with a pen, and the embroidery completes the imagery of the underwater adventure.

The 2023 replica marine embroidery follows the anniversary replica limited woven label, without the year limitation. The impression of summer is drawn in light blue.

On a hot day, let's let go of our thoughts and plunge into the blue sea with Nemo and his friends!

 Designer's words:

PAPERMOOD STUDIO has thought carefully about new colourways and processes each time we release a replica of a hot model, and for the 2020 original.Ocean ,we have used a screen-printing technique to print blue ink dots on the backing fabric, as if it were an ink painting. The new Ocean embroidery thread colour is more gentle and elegant, yet the addition of the popular orb bookmark string and the integrity of the cover make it a more romantic addition to life.