[Gold stamping] sparkling Printing art



PAPERMOOD factory save for gold stamping version,due to the different length of preservation time,copper version has different degrees of oxidation,presenting different depths of color.

Copper version of the material is exquisite,The surface smoothness and heat transfer effect are better than the zinc version.The use of copper version can improve the glossiness of gold stamping graphics and outline clarity.

Gold stamping is a special printing process that does not require the use of ink.Gold stamping is the process of stamping metal foil onto the surface of a substrate under a certain temperature and pressure. In PAPERMOOD's paper products workshop, the substrate is usually specialty paper, cover cloth, or paper with a leather cover. From PAPERMOOD's first product, "Hanashin Wind" handbook on the twenty-four festivals of the flower letter wind, From "Day and Night", "Tide" and "Birds" gold stamping on the self-fill handbook, to the beautiful retro acorn sleeve gold stamping on the "Autumn Acorn" weekly planner.From the "Day and Night", "Tide" and "Birds" stamping on the self-fill booklet to the exquisite vintage acorn set stamping on the "Autumn Acorn" weekly planner, PAPERMOOD has always been breaking through and refining its stamping process. We are never satisfied with simple text, thick lines and general patterns. For example, the new geese, swallows and dandelions patterns in the handbook series are all stamped with a two-set stamping process (pictured right).Therefore, starting with the production of the foil version, it comes in two versions, two colors of metallic aluminum foil and two completely manual foil stamping processes.The first foil stamping is the figure of the geese illuminated by the sunset, the second foil stamping in matte black is the details of the feathers and wings of the geese, and the double foil stamping has to be tightly set together to be perfect.

At present, the domestic production of gold stamping plate mainly using photo-etching process and electronic engraving technology, the material commonly used copper plate or zinc plate. Copper plate material is delicate, smooth surface, heat transfer effect is better than the zinc plate, the use of copper plate can improve the gloss and outline clarity of the hot stamping graphics.Copper plate: applicable to a large number of, deep pressure of gold stamping, durable, temperature 120 ℃ -180 ℃.

Zinc version: not resistant to high temperature and pressure, applicable temperature 120℃ -150℃

After completing the plate making, you can choose gold stamping foil. For the new Twilight Collection handbooks, we chose a matte class of rose gold, which is more in line with modern living scenes. More elegant than gold and more relaxed than copper gold, it evokes the sunset spilling over the thatch in the evening. The Moon Collection, on the other hand, chooses a matte silver color that corresponds to the hazy silver moonlight that spills over the sea at night. The nature of the adhesive layer of the gold stamping foil determines its adaptability to the substrate. Any adjustment to the stamping process is futile if the stamping paper is not selected properly. The gold stamping foil is tested and qualified prior to official production. Once the preparation is complete, stamping can begin. Perfect stamping results depend primarily on temperature, pressure and stamping time.

Stamping temperature

The stamping temperature is the temperature that ensures that the hot sol melts and produces stickiness. Stamping temperature is too high, the metal layer in the aluminum foil will be invaded by the color protective layer and oxidation will occur, losing the metallic luster, the tiny text edges will be easily blurred and the clarity will be reduced. Stamping temperature is too low, the hot sol can not reach the molten state, graphics and substrate adhesion between the poor, the text edge may appear off not net, graphics incomplete. Even the release agent is not completely dissolved, the transfer layer transfer difficulties.

Stamping pressure

Stamping on the paper surface, because the paper is soft, it is easy to automatically compensate for the problems caused by unevenness. As long as the stamping temperature is set correctly, the stamping pressure does not need to be too large, stamping pressure is too large, easy to cause deformation of the graphics, stamping pressure force is too small is not good, stamping pressure is too small, will lead to stamping paper graphics part and non-graphics part is not easy to separate, especially for large area of the graphics stamping, to ensure that the guarantee of sufficient pressure is the guarantee of the quality of stamping.

Stamping time

For the flat-press stamping process, the time between the stamping unit pressing down for stamping and lifting up to finish stamping can be adjusted. The longer time means more contact time between the substrate and the stamping paper, which is more conducive to heat solubility, while maintaining stamping quality. Complete penetration into the substrate surface and improved adhesion. Stamping time and temperature relationship between high and low should be in line with the following principles: large area of the graphics stamping temperature is higher, embossing time can be longer, tiny text and graphics stamping temperature can be higher, but the embossing time can be shorter.

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