Make an acacia wreath by yourself!



Every winter when it gets warmer, fresh cut acacia flowers will appear in the flower market in southern regions such as Guangdong and Fujian. In Xiamen, where PAPERMOOD is located, large tracts of acacia trees are planted on the seashore and on the mountains. Winter ends in spring. When it comes, the golden acacia will open up in the corner of the city, urging people to leave their homes and embrace spring! Come and learn to weave acacia wreaths with us!




 Prune large branches into small branches


Fresh cut flowers just received need to wake up: do not remove the packaging, cut off about 1cm of roots at a 45-degree angle, and keep them in water for about 1 to 2 hours. Prune the fresh cut flowers of Acacia into small branches, remove the branches with bad shapes, and keep the green leaves with good shapes.



Bundle 2-3 clusters of twigs into groups


Tie 2-3 clusters of twigs together with copper wire and adjust their shape to make the twigs fuller. Adjust the green leaves to set off the yellow bulbous flowers. After completing a few sets, it is ready to be installed on the vine ring.


Install the twigs on the vine ring


Wrap the twigs around the vine circle with copper wire in turn, and pay attention to the bright side of the flowers facing the viewing surface. Adjust the shape of the branches and leaves while winding, and cut off the extra thick branches.




Adjust the final shape of the wreath

Adjust the gap between the viewing surface of the wreath and it's complete! It can wind a complete wreath or only 2/3 of the wreath, which can be adjusted into a beautiful shape. Hang the finished garland on the wall of the room or on the straw basket! Wait for the moisture of the acacia to pass, and the state of the dried flowers is also beautiful.

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